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For people who love to read, ebooks (books in digital format) offer new opportunities and an enhanced reading experience. Just like hardcopy books, ebooks contain text, images, or both, but can be read anywhere, anytime, on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or ebook reader like Amazon's Kindle.

Kindle connects you to Amazon's largest selection of ebooks and movies you can enjoy, and allows you to shop for all their products. Download Amazon's free Kindle App to read Kindle ebooks on other devices.

Ebooks allow new and independent ("indie") writers to publish their own works online, greatly expanding your reading choices. No longer is your reading selection controlled by a handful of publishers and distributors. is the "world's largest distributer of indie ebooks." Over 450,000 ebooks, both fiction and nonfiction, are available online in several formats—most offer a free sample—and over 70,000 are free.

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Bookcover: Me 'n Norman Bookcover: Anaela Bay Bookcover: Excuse Me Bookcover: An Eagle's Sky Bookcover: 999 Bees In My Bonnet Bookcover: Maid For Mayhem Bookcover: That Moment Bookcover: Mrs. Baker's Ghost Bookcover: UFO Do They Exist Bookcover: Thirsty Planet

Examples of popular, portable devices from Amazon that can display ebooks and more. Great for seniors and others who want to have the option of reading on the go or in the comfort of their home. link to Amazon

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